In no industry is the need to acquire and retain high-level talent more acute than the automotive sector, which has reached a clear turning point and faces an uncertain future, according to the International Labour Organization.

With the right people in your workforce, you will be better prepared to respond to critical developments in this industry, from tighter regulations around environmental performance to the growth of autonomous driving. With skilled workers in your organization, you can start to view these trends as opportunities to be seized, rather than obstacles to be overcome.

We have created a checklist that highlights some of the practical steps you can take to add a new dimension to your talent acquisition and retention efforts.

Download the checklist to get insights including:

  • How you can rethink and improve the HR function within your business
  • What technologies you can use to make your hiring more efficient
  • Why reskilling and upskilling should be at the heart of your strategy to attract and retain talented staff

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