experience more important than education in finding a suitable job.

81% of the respondents of the quarterly Randstad Workmonitor believe experience counts more than education in finding a new job. Exceptions are found in Denmark and Norway where half of the employees are not convinced experience weighs over education.

 Other key insights on this report include:

  •  Almost two thirds of all respondents believe it is hard for young people (aged under 25) to find a suitable job.
  • For the older employee it seems even harder to find a job than for the younger; almost nine out of ten employees around the globe believe it is very difficult for this group to find a suitable job.
  • World-wide belief in job security is low, with high numbers in countries where economic conditions are difficult like in Greece (94%), Hungary (93%) and Spain (91%).
  • In addition, this report contains quarterly recurring observations for: mobility, appetite to change jobs, actual job change and job satisfaction.

 To read all the insights, please download the report.