lifelong learning considered essential to increase employability and avoid unemployment.

In order to retain and increase employability, 86% of the global respondents say that they need to keep learning, according to the latest Randstad Workmonitor. In Mexico, 97% agree and overall the percentages reach between 80 and 95, but remarkably, in Sweden only 39% of the respondents think so.

Other key insights on this report include:

  •  88% of the respondents say that unemployed people must be retrained to fill empty positions due to labor scarcity  and 89% would be willing to be retrained themselves to avoid unemployment.
  •  51% are willing to actually emigrate for a job that’s not available in their country.
  •  73%  think that a so-called ‘job-for-life’ has become extinct. 
  • In addition, this report contains quarterly recurring observations for: mobility, appetite to change jobs, actual job change and job satisfaction.

 To read all the insights, please download the report.