for older workers shrink while the skills gap widens.

Globally, the impact of an aging workforce, resulting in a decrease of the working population, is becoming increasingly apparent. 56% of the respondents in the latest Randstad Workmonitor agree that retaining older workers is crucial for their company’s success, whereas 78% think that attracting younger people will do the trick.

 Other key findings on this report include:

  • Job prospects for young people will increase in the next 5 years according to 69% of employees globally, where only 44% expect this for workers older than 55.
  • Employers are focusing more on attracting younger workers (64%) than on attracting and retaining their older workers (44%).
  • In addition, this report contains Randstad’s quarterly observations on: mobility, actual job change, appetite to change jobs and job satisfaction.
  • In addition, this report contains quarterly recurring observations for: mobility, appetite to change jobs, actual job change and job satisfaction across the globe.

To read all the insights, download the report.