digital awareness is rising, but we are not there yet

Although globally 84% of the respondents acknowledge the importance for their current employer to have a digital strategy, only 59% state that the company they work for actually has one, according to the latest findings of the Randstad Workmonitor.

 Other key findings on this report, include:

  • The employers that score high on digital strategy are in India (84%) and China (81%) whereas employers in Japan (42%) and Hungary (41%) score at the low end.
  • 68% of the global respondents agree that the employees at their current employer do not have the required skill sets that are necessary for digitization.
  • 42% agree that they actually perform a lot of routine tasks that could be automated.
  • Mobility Index has decreased to 108. Reaching its lowest point in the last 2.5 years.
  • Job satisfaction highest in Mexico and the US
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