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the upside of disruption

Posted by Richard Jager on Sep 9, 2016 2:46:01 PM

How Will Robotics and Automation Shape the Future Workforce?

It’s inevitable, based on revolutionary changes in technology and globalization, which workplace will continue to shift and there will be fewer demands for traditional job skills and personnel. You will be able to make decisions instantly utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), products will be manufactured with increased use of robotics, and we already see transportation services moving to automated rail systems, delivery drones and driverless vehicles.

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the impact of cloud technology on talent aquisiton

Posted by Sheila Harvey on Mar 9, 2016 4:28:37 PM

Sheila Harvey, Vice President, IT industry, Global Client Solutions, RandstadOver the years, “cloud computing”, “the Internet of Things” and “big data” have proven to be more than just passing technology fads. These three emerging technologies are transforming businesses and industries, taking innovation to new heights. But to fully capitalize on the huge potential these technologies present, companies still have a long way to go. So what challenges do businesses face when it comes to widely deploying these three technologies?

“One potential roadblock for every employer is the shortage of relevant skills”, says Jochen Schoenmaeckers, Global Director of the IT industry at Randstad’s Global Client Solutions.

To have a good understanding of the impact these emerging technologies could potentially have on the labor market, we reached out to three industry experts for their perspective on how these technologies are redefining the skills required for the current and future IT workforce, and if the skills gap exists, what organizations can do to bridge the gap and stay ahead of the competition.

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