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being a female in a leadership position can be tough - so what is it like in Asia?

Posted by Louise Whitelaw on Sep 12, 2017 11:29:35 AM

The role of women in the workplace has come a long way in just a few decades. Closing the pay gap and being considered for opportunities to move up the same as men have increased positively across the world. We are seeing a greater number of women-owned businesses flourish and large corporate giants governed by female CEOs.

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taking a holistic approach to your talent management

Posted by Richard Narine on Jul 13, 2017 9:08:29 AM

Effective talent strategies for recruitment and engagement has never been harder to achieve. 

A recent survey, for example, showed that a staggering 68% of HR professionals are having difficulty filling positions from their current talent market. What’s more, 84% report that applicants simply don’t have the skills they’re looking for. 

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what does the gig economy mean for your organization?

Posted by Yvette Rogier on Jul 11, 2017 7:42:48 AM

You may be reading this on a laptop right now. Or like me, maybe on an iPad, or your cell phone. 

And while the act might seem so normal to you now, if you turned back time a few decades, I’m sure people would be amazed at the technology we wield so indifferently today. 

Just think of the capabilities of these amazing machines: they allow you to research an infinite number of topics on a whim, order a handmade product that would have normally been completely out of reach, and even talk to an entirely random person on the other side of the world. 

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the impact of diversity on business results

Posted by Allison Damerell on Jul 6, 2017 8:30:08 PM

Diversity: we’ve all heard how important it is in the workplace, how crucial it is in developing strategy, and how we all need to take extra steps to ensure that it’s a major factor in recruitment.

But despite how prolific the data is on the benefits of diversity, a lot of hiring managers still aren’t making diversity inclusion a priority in their hiring strategy. 

For example, a whopping 41% of hiring managers who didn’t enforce measures to ensure hiring diversity say they didn’t do so simply because they were “too busy.” Too busy? Perhaps that’s just another way to say, “we didn’t make it a priority.” 

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the upside of disruption

Posted by Richard Jager on Sep 9, 2016 2:46:01 PM

How Will Robotics and Automation Shape the Future Workforce?

It’s inevitable, based on revolutionary changes in technology and globalization, which workplace will continue to shift and there will be fewer demands for traditional job skills and personnel. You will be able to make decisions instantly utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), products will be manufactured with increased use of robotics, and we already see transportation services moving to automated rail systems, delivery drones and driverless vehicles.

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how to tap into talent analytics (and use data to find top talent)

Posted by Richard Narine on Aug 22, 2016 9:22:57 AM

Talent analytics is an exceptionally useful solution for piecing together the puzzle of finding, hiring, and retaining new talent. It provides highly valuable insights into worker performance, and allows an organization to learn exactly what skills are needed in a new hire to maximize business performance.

However, even though talent analytics can help the bottom line of your business, the truth is that many organizations have yet to harness its power. Some leaders may be afraid of data overload, or don’t understand how to strategically review the data to make decisions. The good news is that talent analytics can be easily absorbed and understood by using the right HR technology and asking the right questions.

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industry 4.0: the changing world of logistics

Posted by Ryan Brenner on Aug 19, 2016 2:05:05 PM

The world of Logistics, Transportation & Supply Chain is rapidly going through a vast transformation. Innovations & technologies are being adopted at an unprecedented rate – and increasing productivity while managing costs to maintain market attractiveness is on every business leaders mind. So as we move towards the "smart factory" through the adoption of cloud computing, big data analytics & the Internet of Things (IoT), we’ve been asking ourselves – are the days of thin margins a thing of the past – and more importantly, what impact does this all have on the industry?

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HR and Procurement: Joining Forces for Total Talent Management

Posted by Richard Jager on Aug 9, 2016 10:55:41 AM

Hiring the right talent makes a significant impact on the performance and bottom line of your business. Companies commonly struggle to both find and retain the right talent, and the disconnect between silos makes the task even tougher. Whether your company is looking to hire freelancers, part-timers, seasonal workers, or even permanent full-time staff, silos need to join forces in order to attract the right talent.

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using talent analytics to unleash your ideal workforce

Posted by Richard Narine on Aug 9, 2016 10:39:58 AM

When it comes to workforce planning, HR and procurement typically take different approaches. The disconnect between HR and procurement can also create a disconnect in the way that talent needed is found, hired, and retained, and the competition for finding top talent is tougher than ever before. In order to understand your ideal workforce, companies must consider integrating innovative HR technology, workforce analytics, and talent analytics to unleash your ideal workforce.

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