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HR and Procurement: Joining Forces for Total Talent Management

Posted by Richard Jager on Aug 9, 2016 10:55:41 AM

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Hiring the right talent makes a significant impact on the performance and bottom line of your business. Companies commonly struggle to both find and retain the right talent, and the disconnect between silos makes the task even tougher. Whether your company is looking to hire freelancers, part-timers, seasonal workers, or even permanent full-time staff, silos need to join forces in order to attract the right talent.

Understanding the Barriers Between The Silos

The concept of organizational silos is nothing new. Departmental disconnects result in an array of internal issues, from customer communication to talent management. This is especially the case when it comes to human resources and procurement, where integrated talent strategies and total talent management landscape have become increasingly complex. This means that HR and procurement professionals now need to collaborate more than ever before — but there are several barriers that are holding the two silos from successfully uniting.

One of the first barriers between HR and procurement is unlocking the true value of their potential relationship. Instead of viewing the silos as two separate entities, HR and procurement need to develop a new acquisition for total talent management.

Another barrier is determining how HR and procurement should both be involved with total talent management. The two silos need to collaborate by using integrated talent strategies, which will help companies think about talent in the broadest sense.

The biggest barrier between HR and procurement is communication. While human resources and procurement professionals are both experts in their field, the reality is that they are simply not talking to one another. This results in unaligned planning for talent management and integrated talent strategies, which is detrimental to delivering the right talent where your organization needs it the most.

How Can HR and Procurement Unify?

The good news is that HR and procurement can unify by applying a few simple techniques. The idea is to get human resources and procurement on the same page, so they can effectively communicate and take control of total talent management—which will ultimately put your company ahead of the game with the best talent on your team.

Realizing the Benefits of Holistic Total Talent Management

Together, HR and procurement can harness the power of total talent management. This will help your organization acquire top talent quicker and easier than ever before. By making the mind shift from focusing on process to focusing on talent, you can work with your industry’s best people.


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